Facial Specialist, Massage therapist

Fun Fact: Andrea has worked at Tranquility Wellness Spa for 5 years!

Andrea came to the healing arts through the feet, studying reflexology and becoming certified with the International Institute of Reflexology in 1990 with further study in Meridian and Thai Reflexology.

A massage therapist since 2002, she specializes in therapeutic and energetic Warm Stone massage. Her most recent area of study is Aromatherapy and the use of Essential Oils in massage and reflexology.

She is available for Relaxation, Therapeutic, Aromatherapy, Prenatal and Warm Stone Massage. She also specializes in Reflexology.

Andrea is also available for our Heart of the Ocean facials, as well as Thai Enigma and ThalgoMen Facials and all our luxurious body services.


Massage Therapist

FUN FACT: Chris is a USAF Veteran and has lived in St. Pete for 23 years 🙂

Chris has a passion for relieving her clients from all the stresses of daily life. (Stress = Dis-ease). She wants you to enjoy life to the fullest! She graduated with honors from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy here in Florida. She is available for Relaxation, Pre and Post Natal, Aromatherapy and Warm Stone massage, as well as Foot Reflexology.


Esthetician, Massage therapist

FUN FACT: Cindy has lived in St. Petersburg for 25 years!

Cindy is a licensed Esthetician, trained in a wide variety of facials – including anti-aging facials! She loves to create a great skincare regimen for each client’s home care. During her facials, she also does waxing and eyebrow/lash tints.

Cindy also graduated with honors from the prestigious Cortiva Institute, earning her license in Massage Therapy. She is available for Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre and Post Natal, Aromatherapy and Warm Stone massage.

Cindy’s Body Treatment specialties include: the detoxifying “Marine 3 Algae Wrap”, the “Aromacean Mud Wrap”, the “Thalgo Silhouette” Cellulite Wrap and our exotic “Polynesia” and “Hammam” Rituals!


Full specialist, Massage therapist

Fun Fact: Dawn has worked at Tranquility Wellness Spa for over 4 years and lives in the local downtown area here in St Petersburg!

Dawn graduated from the Avaeda Institute in St Petersburg as a Full Specialist as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Dawn loves to provide personalized, health and wellness to all her clients.

She is available for Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Therapeutic and Warm Stone Massage. As well as Foot Reflexology.

She is also available for Tranquility skincare: including chemical peels, facial and body waxing services. Along with Natural Nail Care.

Lisa Shenton

Lisa graduated in 2009 from Bhakti Academe of Intuitive Massage and Bodywork. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has experience, training and certifications in Bhakti Massage, BodyWork, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. She is currently working on her certification for Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy.

Lisa is drawn to Eastern massage modalities because she believes in taking a more holistic approach to massage and bodywork. Her bodywork style is nurturing and deeply relaxing. Lisa’s integrative technique and intuitive touch help to powerfully unwind the unique tension in your body while helping your mind and spirit blissfully rest into the reset you need.

Lisa is currently available for:

Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Warm Stone Massage, Velvet Soft Body Scrub, Pink Crystal Body Scrub w/Oriental Massage, Marine 3 Algae Wrap and Hammam Ritual.


Massage Therapist

Fun Fact: Melissa has resided all over Pinellas County however, St. Pete is her favorite.

Melissa has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006. She graduated with Excellence in Academics from Cortiva Institute in Florida.

Melissa is a strong believer in accordance with treating the body with high importance to be tranquil.

Her specialty is a relaxing therapeutic massage that incorporates, Swedish and deep tissue techniques, or a soft-to-medium pressure depending on one’s needs. She loves assisting her clients by inviting them to relax initially and finish off feeling satisfied after treating their pressure points.

Melissa is available for Relaxation, Therapeutic, and Aromatherapy massage.


Massage Therapist, Full Specialist

Fun Fact: Marcela has worked at Tranquility Wellness Spa for 12 years!

Marcela is a Board-Certified Massage Therapist. She prides herself in detailed customer service, helping her clients improve and maintain their skin, and being a natural pain reliever for her massage clients. Above all she believes that with a little guidance, we can all learn to care for our bodies and skin.

Marcela is available for most tranquility services including: Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Therapeutic, and Thai Enigma Massage. As well as the AromaTouch Technique. Marcela is also available for all our luxurious facials, body treatments and some specialty waxing.

Her favorite Treatments are the Indocean Ritual and the Thai Enigma Massage.



Ashley has provided exceptional service to her clients for over 16 years as a licensed facial specialist. She is passionate about her work and helping her clients achieve their skin care goals. Ashley loves speaking with clients about how best to optimize their results, including what products are helpful and how best to use them. Ashley believes in taking pride in your skin, and she will help you to do that more confidently.

Ashley is available for the Heart of the Ocean and Chemical peel facials, waxing services, and body treatments, such as the Hammam Ritual and the Marine Algae Wrap.


Massage Therapist/ Full Specialist

Miriam has been doing massage, waxing and facials for over 17 years. Her work speaks for itself as she always goes above and beyond for her clients. Miriam specializes in therapeutic deep tissue and sports massage. This type of massage helps to release chronic muscle tension by focusing on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

“Our appearance plays a major role in how we feel about ourselves, as well as how others perceive us. I am proud to be part of a profession that strives to enhance a person’s appearance and how they feel. I am committed to providing only the best quality service for my clientele. I truly love what I do and how I can serve others. “


Miriam is available for therapeutic, relaxation and aromatherapy massage. She also enjoys prenatal and warm stone massage, and does most waxing services as well.